Monday, June 29, 2009

True Religion Jeans outlet store in Aurora Illinois

I had a chance to visited True Religion Jeans flagship store in Manhattan Beach, Calif. and was just awed by it. Price for one thing (average price being $250 to $500 a pair) and they make tiny little ones for toddlers.
Now, I recently heard that they had opened an outlet store in Aurora, Ill at the Premium outlet mall so off I went. Store is designed very similar to the one at Manhattan Beach, but bigger, the sale prices are really reasonable ($79.99 to $99.00), and selections plenty. If you just got to have True Religion Jeans but are on a budget, or just love another pair, head out to the outlet mall. I understand that the True Religion jeans has opened up other outlet stores around the country, so check to see if they have opened one in your area.


  1. Thsnks, thats good to know. Someone told my daughter about the True Religion outlet store in Aurora and the great prices.We will visit there tomorrow to get jeans for my granddaughter.

  2. You are welcome. I was at the store two days ago and picked up a pair for my son, great price. Enjoy !!!

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