Sunday, July 28, 2013

All traffic on the Chicago River stops for the fountain.

We were all enjoying the beautiful evening on the dinner river cruise when suddenly we were stopped in the middle of the Chicago river.  As we looked toward the Trump Tower (building with the long blue antenna) we saw this huge fountain shooting from one side of the river to the other. It was all lite up with white light and we can see the trails of water coming down like a summer rain storm. There was one boat in  front of us also waiting for this beautiful show to be over.  It only lasted for 10 min. but what a sight, even though we were pretty far away, we could feel the spray of the water hitting us. The very next night, I decided to try photographing this scene with my camera this time on a tripod with very slow shutter speed. It turned out beautifully but I think this photo turned out better. Oh by the way, the next night I was shooting in the mist of thunder and lightning. I barely finished shooting right before the huge rain drops started coming down.  On top of that I was standing right next to the dark river at 11 pm alone.  I kept thinking if I missed a step and fell into the dark river no one would know....

Nicholas J. Melas Centennial Fountain,  North Bank of the Chicago River.  Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Landmark Mural

Until recently my nephew (just turned 9 yrs old) collected miniature models of famous landmarks from all over the world.  When I saw this mural I immediately thought of my nephew and had to stop and admire it. Because this mural seems to depict the twin towers of the World Trade Center I believe that this was probably painted before 2001.  If my assumption is correct, then it is amazing how the landmarks are still in tact compare to the top where the paints are flaking off.  But I think that this also adds to the charm of this piece; don't you think?  I also love that this has the monochromatic tone to it and everything is in a silhouette .... How many of the landmarks can you identify?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Start and End of the Route 66

The historic route 66 "BEGIN" sign stands at the corner of Michigan ave and Adams St. in Chicago Illinois. You can also find the "end 66" sign at the corner of Jackson and Michigan . Why not both on the same street? Well, Adams and Jackson are both one way streets where Adams runs to the west and Jackson runs to the east.  

At the end of the Route 66 is the Santa Monica Pier over the Pacific Ocean in California.   It is filled with amusement park rides and there is a small information booth dedicated to the end of the Route 66.  The actual end of the Route 66 is at Lincoln and Olympic, but there is no marker or anything special about the intersection. I am sure that if you have followed the true Rte 66 then it will be the place to end, but why not come and enjoy the festivities of the pier where Dan Rice was responsible for placing this "End of the Trail" sign at the pier.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I am hooked on old Rte 66. The Mother Road

As I travel Illinois Rte 66 this summer I am visiting many of the small towns on the route. I feel that this photograph represents many of them now. Once well traveled, the over 2,000 mile long road which starts at Chicago goes through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and to Santa Monica, California.  Now only the emptiness remains where once there was bustle and a busy road where people traveled with hopes and excitement.