Monday, February 13, 2012

Shopping for a Valentine at the Harrods Department store in London

Before I traveled to London, I asked my friends for their recommendations as to where I should visit and many told me to go to Harrods department store. I had visited two museums in the morning and I decided that the cool winter air would be better than the stuffy stale air of the Tube (London subway). So I walked from Cromwell Road through Brompton road all the way to Harrods. Harrods has a dress code policy and has turned away several people who it believed are not dressed appropriately, so I was a little concerned as I walked through the door into the massive department store. I had no idea where to go but loved seeing the beautiful bags, scarfs of expensive named brands. But you know me, I can always follow my nose to the food court. As Valentines day was approaching many departments were decorated in pink and red hearts. Chocolates, oh those delicious decadent chocolates where everywhere.
Can't you just see the smiling face of a lover when she (or he?) receives one of these heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates on Valentines day?
I had a great time looking at every counter trying to find just the right gift....
So many different kinds of chocolate truffles, what is this girl supposed to do???
Counter after counter filled with so many different kind of chocolates from all over Europe. What a heavenly place.....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Buckingham Palace in the Winter

I was fortunate to visit London last weekend. I have been wanting to visit for so long that I was totally ecstatic. After a long airplane ride from Chicago, I was nodding off going through the city of London in a cab then I saw it !!!! The Buckingham Palace ... It is not like a castle you would imagine, it is more like a huge government building but Oh it is THE place where the Queen of England resides. Just seeing the palace where I have watched it on the TV all these years for the Royal weddings was right in front of me. What a was so amazing
Just look at this gorgeous gilded royal crest of The King George on the gate....
This palace is in the heart of London and even on this cold winter day tourists from all of the world kept streaming in and taking pictures..
To me this is where all the fairly tales begins... Handsome prince finally gets to kiss his beautiful princess... Recently this is where Prince William kissed his newlywed Duchess Catherine in front of the whole world.
Ornamental Orb on the fence.
Though I did not see the formal changing of the guard, I did see the intricate hourly changing of the guard.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where spring never stops

Today is a ground hogs day. It is said that the little ground chuck will come out of his burrow and if he sees its own shadow then there will be 6 more weeks of winter. But I know one place in town where it is always spring and is filled with colorful flowers. It is Hausermann Orchids nursery. It is set back from the busy street and you would never know that it is there except for the huge bill board in front of the driveway. When you walk in through a small glass door, it looks like a small shed with a small collections of Orchids under a grow light. But when you walk by the checkout desk, and a small gift shop to the left the whole place opens up to the light filled green house filled with every kind of Orchids that you can imagine....
I was with a dozen photographers this day and after a couple of hours it was decided that we were going for a lunch, but several of us decided that it was more fun to keep photographing these gorgeous Orchids then grabbing hot dogs.. Yes, we are a crazy bunch of people who would rather take pictures then eat.... Here are some more of the gorgeous Orchids...