Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks 2010

Last summer I started experimenting with taking photographs of fireworks. Why would I haul all those equipments to take photographs like everyone else... well, the experiment worked really well, and I even had a show to show some of my fireworks shots that turned out well... Thinking that I can duplicate it again, off I went to the same place as last summer... Because of the recent storms we could not park at our usual place, so we had to walk several blocks with heavy tripod, and my gears... when the beautiful fireworks started with a bang I was so excited... yes, I wanted to see the same results... but when I checked, NOOOOOOOOOO...... I could not figure out why it was not turning out as last year, and with all of the stuff I had to carry, I forgot the flash light..... bummer.... Next day we went off to the next fireworks... here... yes.... I brought the flashlight and fixed the settings as the show started... hum.... not quite what I had imagined, but some turned out quite interesting....more can be seen on my facebook page...

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