Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where spring never stops

Today is a ground hogs day. It is said that the little ground chuck will come out of his burrow and if he sees its own shadow then there will be 6 more weeks of winter. But I know one place in town where it is always spring and is filled with colorful flowers. It is Hausermann Orchids nursery. It is set back from the busy street and you would never know that it is there except for the huge bill board in front of the driveway. When you walk in through a small glass door, it looks like a small shed with a small collections of Orchids under a grow light. But when you walk by the checkout desk, and a small gift shop to the left the whole place opens up to the light filled green house filled with every kind of Orchids that you can imagine....
I was with a dozen photographers this day and after a couple of hours it was decided that we were going for a lunch, but several of us decided that it was more fun to keep photographing these gorgeous Orchids then grabbing hot dogs.. Yes, we are a crazy bunch of people who would rather take pictures then eat.... Here are some more of the gorgeous Orchids...


  1. Hello, Noriko.

      The coldest winter will be melted by your warm heart.
      The works gently accept all visitors.

      I praise your creative art sense.
      The prayer for all peace.
      Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❃

    1. Ruma-san,
      Thank you for your visit, I am glad that it resonated with you..
      What a lovely poem...

  2. Hello,Noriko.
    The soft and subtle colors of petals look fragile!It takes much loving care to nurture.
    Thank you for sharing various orchids.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Thank you for visiting Tomoko-san. Yes they do look fragile but on the contrary they are very hardy and easy to take care of...

  4. HI, Noriko-san! Ground Hogs Day sounds interesting. So, are you having six more weeks of winter? As you might know, there is a day "啓蟄/keichitsu" when wintering insects are thought to come out of hibernation. It is around March 6th.

    I do love orchids! You did reverse to “Hana yori dango.” I know you can’t resist photographing such lovely flowers. Thank you for sharing.


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