Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Landmark Mural

Until recently my nephew (just turned 9 yrs old) collected miniature models of famous landmarks from all over the world.  When I saw this mural I immediately thought of my nephew and had to stop and admire it. Because this mural seems to depict the twin towers of the World Trade Center I believe that this was probably painted before 2001.  If my assumption is correct, then it is amazing how the landmarks are still in tact compare to the top where the paints are flaking off.  But I think that this also adds to the charm of this piece; don't you think?  I also love that this has the monochromatic tone to it and everything is in a silhouette .... How many of the landmarks can you identify?


  1. I don't see the reflection, but it is a nice subject for a picture indeed.

  2. Nearly all Noriko but Le Tour Eiffel is my favourite :)) It's a super silhouette mural indeed, love the aged flakiness!