Friday, October 25, 2013

Walking in the woods after the rain

The colors of the leaves intensified by the morning rain sparkled as I walked through the woods. Every once in a while the gentle breeze rustled the trees and the rain drops that were still on the leaves and branches came down. As I walked I could see my breath in the moist, cold air... Soon we will see the first snow of the season.

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  1. I love autumn, and I love photos of autumn! :)

    We're waiting (im)patiently in Tokyo, but instead of enjoying autumn, we're being battered by typhoon after typhoon. I hope the double whammy we had this weekend will be the last!

  2. Ru-san, I hope that there will be no more typhoons this year. I too like the fall, except I really don't look forward to the winter that follows.

  3. Nice shot! Love the colors/ lines/ shiny slippery leaves on the steps♫ My Top Shot:

  4. Beautiful autumn colors! I particularly love the steps after the rain. Some of them are shining and so beautiful. Cherry leaves have begun to turn colors here.

  5. Such a beautiful picture :) love the colors of the leaves .

  6. What beautiful and deep woods! You can enjoy those autumn colors while walking down on the long steps.
    Autumn leaves are more beautiful after rain.

  7. Hi Noriko! This is a gorgeous shot. And the looking down part is so cool too.
    Really hoping the snow will wait though...

  8. Hi, loved the way you captured the feel and crispness of the rain and wetness on the cement stairs.

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