Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Star light, Star Bright

I was in Chicago and stopped by the Christkindlemarket at the Daley Plaza.  I have been going to this traditional German American holiday market for the last several years. Just walking around the market makes me feel like, Yes Christmas is just around the corner.  One of my favorite shop (I have many and will post a few later) is this paper star store.  I love the bright colors of each star and each one has the different designs that makes it so special.

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  1. They paper stars are so beautiful dear Noriko :) So special to be able to witness the festivites in the holiday market. It feels like Christmas already, doesnt it? :)

  2. Hi Noriko! This is a new place for you? Glad I saw your post on Facebook!
    I love paper stars like this. I see them in airport shops sometimes (which seems odd), an outside market sounds much better. The glow from them looks so warm and inviting. Great shot!

    I've never been to the mart downtown, I should check it out sometime!

  3. Very pretty designs and great shot ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  4. Gorgeous - I love their design and also the festive feel of these Christmas markets! It really is holiday season:)

  5. These are beautiful. I love how the light shines through them.

  6. So beautiful. I have a white paperstar in my window rigt now, but not as special like these :)