Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Noodles "Pho" U

I love "Pho" and could not wait to try this new place in Lombard Ill. Noodles "Pho"U is decorated simple but nicely next to Jimmy John's sandwich place on Main street, and really clean. With anticipation I ordered Pho Dac Biet -- Rice noodles, eye of round steak, brisket, glank and beef meatballs. It came in a large white bowl with bean sprout,jalapeno pepper on the side dish. I was immediately disappointed as the soup was cloudy, meaning when they prepared the soup stock, they boiled it so that stock came out cloudy, and meaty taste gone. Eye of round steak was only couple of pieces and only with two meat balls, it was not what I had expected. I am not sure if I will go back to this place, but the menu is extensive and other dished might be better. But when the restaurant put "pho" as part of their name I expect them to have an exceptional "Pho".

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