Friday, July 31, 2009

Cape Cod

Quaint town of Provincetown is 90 minute fast (43 mph) Catamaran ride from Boston Harbor, regular ferry takes 3 1/2 hours and driving who knows how long it will take with congestions. When I arrived at the dock in Provincetown, I was welcomed by many sail ships already at dock and many day visitors in a swim suits on a quite beach. I headed right into town where there were many wonderful gallries. I met and talked to several interesting gallery owners who specialised in photography. Jeff Lovinger of Lovinger Gallery who was in Tibet and has a photo featured in National Geographic, in Ernden fine art gallery I talked to Dennis Costin, formally from Illinois, about a photographer George Hirose. He photographs undera full moon around Provincetown just with available lights, and who shows his work using a UV archival lamination over the print. I liked the way it looked especially since there were no glass to separate us from his work, it seemed more intimate.
There were many lovely gardens next to white picked fences over looking a harbor. Just a kind of place I would love to live, ------ some day.

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