Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cream Puffs at Beard Papa's

I love Cream Puffs especially ones at Beard Papa's. The Fat balls of choux are baked all day long and when you order yours, an employee fills it with sweetened cream (several flavors, but I love vanilla) and dusts it with powdered sugar . The outside is crunchy and never mushy, and the cream, especially if it is just made is just sooooo gooood, not too sweet, and really creamy.

Beard Papa's
333 W Alameda St.
Little Tokyo

I hope they will decide to put a store in Chicago area. I would go everyday...


  1. I've read such good things about this place. I hope we get one too!

  2. Noriko, you know I am from WI. and it is hard to beleive they make them better than there! I would have to try one...just to be sure...mmmmmmmmmmm...cream puffs!

  3. I was little skeptical myself. But they are really great. I can't wait until I go back.... If there were a way I can bring it back fresh I will ...... so you can try it.....