Monday, September 7, 2009

Luna Garcia

"seconds"room was like a little candy store for the
pottery lovers.
I loved the colors that they offer and the glaze was thickly
applied that gave really warm feeling to all of the pieces.

Luna Garcia is in Venice Beach, California. It is a pottery studio housed in an old building that used to be a place where the band Eagles and others used to hang out in the 70's and played for the Venice Beach crowd. Now it has been converted to an pottery studio where artist/owners Cindy and Curtis Ripley creates handmade dinner ware and other beautiful pottery. I liked the "seconds" room where pottery that are little off are sold for reduced price. I thought little imperfection actually gave each piece unique handmade quality and the price was great.

201 San Juan Ave,
Venice, Calif.

There is a parking reserved for the customers in the back of the store. The owner Curtis was really nice when he found out that I had parked on the street with meter ticking he went out and put several quarters in for me so that I can shop without worrying about getting a ticket. Thank you Curtis.

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