Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad and what it means for me....

Do I want one or not... well at first I thought, it is just a bigger version of the iPhone, but the more I read about the potential of the iPad, I can see that I would like to have one --- NOW. Do you remember the newspaper in Harry Potter, where the magic makes all the pictures comes alive? Well, iPad has the capability of streaming magazines, books and newspapers photographs. It is like a video or having "you tube" for each segment. I am thinking that by the time the next generation of children are in grade school, they will be asking "What do books look like?" Anyway, as a photographer, I can see that I will need to learn Video on top of new technologies about photographs and acquire a program that I can edit videos with.... One more thing on my list. I own a Canon G9 digital camera, and use the video quite often, but now I will have to really learn...... There is a great article by Michael Reichman on his blog site iPad and Video Convergence

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  1. I love the idea of being able to use something so small and wireless to do work where ever I am.