Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Getty Center

The Getty Center in Brentwood, California is a must visit place when you are in Los Angeles. I wanted to see the exhibit by F. Evans the photographer, so on my last visit to LA off we went.

The place is easy enough to find even for a person like me who always gets lost. Not a good thing in LA where one wrong turn on a freeway can easily take you half an hour just to get back to where you took the wrong turn. Anyway,The Getty Center is located just off I-405 north of Sunset Blvd. at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains above I-405. Exit at the Getty Center exit and just follow the easily marked signs.

You will be directed to the gate where you pay $15 for parking (yes, it is steep, but that is all you pay no entrance fee to the museum). You go into this cave like structure and look for a place to park. The day we went, we kept going down, down, and down wondering how far does this go? Well, it turns out that the structure is 7 stories deep underground. After you park and get back to the surface via elevator, there is an automated 3 car tram waiting to take you to the museum. As soon as you get off the tram, you are memorized by the view and the travertine and aluminium clad buildings with bubbling fountains that seems to be tucked in numerous places. The collections of art are large, and it is housed in 4 exhibit halls in 9 buildings.

What most of the people seems to be doing is just enjoying the view. On the day we went, it had been raining for a few days, and had just cleared up. So no smog to obscure the view and we were able to see all the way to the Catalina Islands. It was just gorgeous.

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