Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Shape Collage Program -- perfect for a technology challenged person

I am totally technology challenged but whenever I come across books and magazines with neat way to manipulate photographs I think "Yes, I can do this. It shouldn't be too hard" but as soon as I try to follow the instruction... nothing turn out the way it should.

For example, I was making a postcard for my upcoming photo exhibit. I decided rather then just putting two photos on the back of the card, I would try to inlay them in Polaroid like boxes. So I went on line and found the instructions on how to create a Polaroid like box with drop shadow in the Photoshop. Well, I thought I was following the instructions step by step, mind you the instructions had photographs and illustrations as to where and what to use in Photoshop, but that didn't help. I got something soooo different that I had to give it up..... so when I came across this program "The Shape Collage"

I thought cool, but is it really easy to follow like it promised? with huge skepticism, I downloaded the trial program and started to play with it. And you know what? it is easy to use, and it actually is fun.

All you do, really, is to prepare a file with all the pictures that you want to have in the collage and save. Remember where you put it (that is another of my problems) open the shape collage program. Click the "+" sign at the bottom left to up load the folder that you have just created. Now go to the top left and pick the shape you would like for your collage. Once you have done that, Click "Create" lower middle, small window will appear, name the collage and pick where you would like to save the collage. Then click "Save" and watch the magic. The result is what I posted on Valentines day. Doesn't it look great?

I have not bought the actual program but I am thinking about purchasing it. Trail download collage has a watermark on it, and unless I buy the program I can't remove it. But wouldn't it be fun to use the program to make collage note cards or use it for the cover of a client's photo book?

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