Monday, April 26, 2010

Candy Factory - Albanese

Albanese Candy
Factory Outlet store
is where everyone, no matter how old you are, turns into kids. First thing I noticed when I walked in was all the fun colored candies that every bin was filled with and melted Chocolate were pouring down from top of the tall column. So sweet.... I did not plan to buy anything (... not) but came out from the place with three pounds of Gummie bears and Gummie worms. They are just the right firmness and filled with tons of unique and tasty flavors..... many people knew exactly what flavor they wanted but me I choose a garden variety to be hand packed. They are sold by the pound and really reasonably priced. There are also chocolate covered goodies that smelled wonderful.. Unfortunately I can not eat chocolate so I only got a small bag of double chocolate covered peanuts for my hubby.....


  1. How fun and cheery!! Looks like a yummy place to visit.

  2. Definitely must see place....