Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dolphins off Boston

Catamaran was about 15 min. from Provincetown (see yesterdays blog) when we ran into the school of Dolphins. They were riding the bow of the Catamaran, and just stayed with it and gave us quite a thrill. They were so close at one point that I can hear them squeaking to each other. I was told that every once in a while boat will come across a whale and dolphins but this was quite unusual as the number of dolphins were about 30 to 35 and stayed with the boat for quite a while. We were all thrilled and just enjoyed these lovely creatures escorting us to the harbor.


  1. Noriko - these are beautiful pics. I especially like the second pic. Thanks for sharing these. Was good to catch up today!

  2. Thanks Penny. Let's get together soon.