Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Classic Mexican Flan

I love "Flan", whenever I go to any Mexican restaurant I look to see if they have it on the menu.
Depends on the restaurant, Flan could be hard and chewy to silky and creamy, tasteless to too sweet, and often I am disappointed. One restaurant that I was so happy with Flan was in Cancun, at of all places Seafood restaurant on the waters. It was so great that I asked for a recipe but never got one, instead I got a complementary Kahlua and cream. I was not going to complain though since I was able to go back one more time before I left Cancun.
I tried Flan yesterday at "Rocca's Mexican Grill" again I was disappointed and this motivated me to make my own.
Well, I burnt the caramel and had a little bitter taste and I might have had cooked tad bit too long, maybe by 10 min. but custard was firm but not rubbery and flavor was just perfect. Next time I will make sure that caramel will not start smoking---I just took my eyes off for a minute and it started to burn... Oh well. For the first time Flan making I think it turned out pretty good.. anyone care to taste it?

ps Rocca's mexican grill, beside from the Flan everything I tasted had a wonderful flavor, and I am planning to go back for Dinner

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