Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area

My hubby and I took a side trip to Jasper-Pulaski to see the Sandhill cranes. We arrived just as the sun was setting down, and all the Sandhill cranes were coming back from day trips to settle down for the night. We expected to see few, but was amazed and excited to see groups after groups of cranes coming in from all directions. One thing we noticed was that these birds are noisy bunch, and love to call to one another, with more then five thousand cranes you can imagine how noisy it was. This Wildlife area is about two hours a way from Chicago in state of Indiana and are easy to get to. Wildlife has a huge parking lot with short trail to the platform where you can observe the cranes from high above.


  1. Beautiful - what a lovely getaway!

  2. When I was younger, I helped the International Crane foundation in Baraboo, WI. I have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the Cranes are doing so well. :)