Sunday, January 22, 2012

The day before the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Calif - Part 2

Another area that I was able to observe was where the Cal-Poly University students were making their huge float. This float was totally constructed by the students and as we watched, they were busying themselves with putting the flowers one by one on to the float... The Cal-Poly float was one of very few that was covered in all California grown flowers. No material from other countries was used to decorate it....
This was the area where they kept the flowers before being prepared and used.
Some younger volunteers stripping just the flower petals to be used on the float.
This showed a basic structure and the way the floats were built...
Samples of the natural materials and their variety of colors and textures...
Little closer details of the float and yes they did use the whole potatoes as the cobble stones.
This was a very clever and nice way to ask for donations. You paid $2 and addressed a "To the Rescue" post card. The day of the Parade, the card rode on the Cal Poly University float. After being stamped with "This card rode in the Cal Ploy float January 2, 2012" it was sent back to the addressee. Of course I got mine a few days after the Rose Parade....
In the same area, there were antique cars all decorated with flowers that were going to be used in the Parade. Photographs below are for the Grand Marshall, and for the Tournament of Roses President.
My visit to the float making was a lot more than I had expected. I saw many beautiful floats decorated with breath taking flowers, shopped a little, received University of Oregon colored roses, met many nice people and took vast amount of photographs. Next year? I hope I can make it back and actually see the parade itself...


  1. Hi,Noriko.


  2. Tomoko-san
    Hai, Nihongo de mo iidesu.
    But I don't have a Japanese writing computer so my reply to you will be in English.
    Thank you so much for posting a comment. Yes, I will post the picture of the post card in the near future.

  3. Noriko- san
    Have a great week ahead.


  4. Hi, Noriko! Looks like you had a great time. I, too, enjoyed participating this breathtaking parade with you from the last post. Floats decorated by all natural materials are awesome! They reminded me of old Kobe Festival (みなと祭り) in my childhood. “Hana jidousha” and “hana densha”, trucks and street cars decorated with flowers, ran the city streets with “Miss Kobes” on them. Have happy days ahead.


  5. Those floats are amazing to me... so much time and so many beautiful roses go into making them!
    Lovely pictures, Noriko!

  6. Hello, Noriko.

      Your splendid works enhance charm spectator still more.
      The warmth such as the fireplace will be offered to the audience in harsh this winter.

      I praise your wonderful work.

      上なきものは 「故郷への」おもいなりけり Maybe so?

      The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  7. What great pictures, I lived in New York for 15 years but I never went to a superbowl. My husband is Japanese and I am Sicilian. I am following you from Rome, Italy.

  8. Thank you for visiting from Italy Francesca. Ah, but just by being in Rome is enough, it has so many historical places to visit. Some day I will be able to go there....