Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Rose Bowl -- Univesity of Oregon vs. University of Wisconsin

The day of the game, Jan 2, 2012. I was meeting my friends from college days early at the Rose Bowl Stadium.
We all wanted to take in the excitement and anticipation of the game, and heck it is a championship football game. People who were for Wisconsin dressed up in bright red shirts, and Oregon bright Yellow and green. We all wanted to get our picture taken in front of the "Rose Bowl" sign. The day was just gorgeous, typical southern California blue sky and by 10am you can tell that the temperature was going to be above 80F for the day.
Rose Bowl Stadium has a seating capacity of 90,000 plus and has a beautiful view of the mountains....
As the morning progressed, more and more people started to fill the stadium.
With huge cheers the team from University of Oregon ran onto the field.
Then the University of Wisconsin team ran onto the field with even louder cheers...
With fireworks,
With a Stealth Bomber flyby,
The 98th Rose Bowl championship between U of Oregon and U of Wisconsin kicked off...
To be continued.......

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