Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anderson's Orchard and Winery

Anderson's Orchard and Winery is the second of my Winery visit to Indiana. It is about an hour drive from Chicago and near the Indiana Dunes. I recommend combining the two.
Anderson's started out as an Orchard and added Winery back in 1994. The store is charming country store with counter filled with baked goods and home made fudge. They also carry Beer & Wine making supplies, I understand that Beer & Wine making supplies makes up 1/3 of their sales.
Wine tasting is free, and the counter is well stocked. Only complaint I had was that they did not use wine glass for the wine tasting, they used little plastic cups. Well, I learned that when you are tasting wine, it is very important to smell the bouquet of the wine as well tasting, and today it lacked this experince. But the lady behind the counter was really knowlegeable, and it almost made up for the lack of wine glasses.
I tasted three different white wines... Chardonel, Seyval Blanc (white estate-bottle), and Adnerson's vineyard white. I really liked the Anderson's vineyard white, it is a sweet wine made from Niagara Grapes and it reminded me of the Ice Wine I had in Niagara fall area winery. Seyval Blanc was a nice semi-dry wine on sale for $5.00 Chardonel I decided not to purchase something about the fact that it was aged in new European Oak that did not agree with me, maybe in few years.....

I will be going back at the end of Sept. to pick three different kind of grapes to eat. These grapes are nothing like ones you get at the grocery store, they have so much flavor and I just can not get enough.


  1. Great post! Mmm - if I give you money, can you get grapes for me too?

  2. Great Post. thanks for sharing. You should get in touch with the bizymoms Anderson community to feature these on their page. It’s free and the moms will love it.