Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Atlantic Fish Co. Restaurant in Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood

The Best Seafood I had in Boston was the first night out to Atlantic Fish. It is rated as one of the top seafood restaurants in Boston, and it did not disappoint me. We were in a group of 15 and we sat in a private room filled with dark wood panels, crisp white table clothe and napkins and beautiful wine glasses. I ordered Island Creek oysters which had nice brine, clean taste that I could of had dozen more, next salad of crisp green baby greens with fried goat cheese, and my main course of lobster ravioli. I am not a pasta fan, but it was light with basil cream sauce and it was just Divine. Many of the guests had local caught lobsters, either shelled or they cracked it themselves it was served with corn on the cob and new potatoes boiled in the same waterc. Of ourse the dessert was infamous Boston Cream Pie. It is not an actual pie, but rather it is a layered cake with custard cream filling with chocolate glaze on the top. It was THE best moist delicious cake I have ever had.

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