Friday, August 14, 2009

Maria's Pastry Shop in Boston

Maria's one of many beautiful cookies.
Chocolate tipped Cannoli are filled with cream only after customer purchase it so the shells stay crunch.
Beautifully made fruit Marzipan
Inside the Maria's Pastry shop. It is simple and plain with chairs and tables
This is one of religious holiday decorated pasty. I believe this is for Easter.

Maria's Pastry shop located on 46 Cross Street, Boston has been around the North End Market for quite a long time. Maria Merola the owner had to endured 10 years of highway construction right in front of the store where most of the neighbors had to close do to lack of customers, but she just kept making her pastries and people just kept coming. From outside it is not much, few lawn chairs and table, but while we were there old timers and regulars kept coming in one by one purchasing goodies.
Inside the store is just like outside, plain with shelves on one side and refrigerator (only store personal are allowed to open) with glass case at the back, where most beautiful carved marzipan were located.
Have you ever heard of lobster tails? no not the crustaceans kind the pastry. It is huge and the fold of the pastry looks like a lobster tail. I had heard on the food network show, but I got to see and taste it for the first time. Yuummmmyyyyyy.......
Special Products include sfogliatelle, lobster tails, toto, egg and pepper taralli, scalatelli, zuccherati, cannoli and many others.

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