Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Sushi Restaurant

2nd oldest sushi bar in U.S.
B & W photo courtesy of the restaurant

I love Sushi. I have tried many sushi restaurants in the US and most are okay. Recently I have gone to Sushi go 55 Restaurant in LA's little Tokyo. It is on the 3 rd floor of a shopping center and little hard to find, but they claim to be the best Sushi place in the city. And you know what? I agree. The night I went it was crowded, and even with a reservation we had to wait about 20 min. and was put in the corner of the sushi counter next to the kitchen. Even with the rude waitress almost throwing tea at us, and yanking away the menu from my hand, it was worth the wait. The fishes were fresh, with hint of ocean, Nigiri rice was made just small enough for one bite, and atmosphere of the sushi chefs were professional, and even my guest who usually do not care too much for sushi loved it. So, if you are in LA try this little place Oh, yes, it is supposed to be the 2nd sushi place that opened in United States back in the 60's. Park on the 4th floor of the parking garage on Alameda- walk over the over pass it is the 2nd restaurant on the right.


  1. Haven't been to little tokyo in ages.. Maybe it's about time! Sounds great.

  2. I hope you get to visit soon !!