Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wolf Park - Howl Night

Recently I visited Wolf Park in Battle Ground Indiana . It is 2 1/2 hours drive from Chicago, and about 15 minutes from Purdue Univ. Wolf park was established as an education and research facility devoted to the conservation of wolves. This is a huge place with one large fenced in area for the pack of wolves and in the back there are areas for several retired wolves, couple of coyotes, and heard of bison. Every Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm two or three wolves are released in a 17 acre pasture with the herd of bison. I did not get to see the demo, and was afraid to ask what happens to the bison if the wolves catches them, but when I did inquire about it the keepers just laughed.

In spring and in the fall, photographers can go into the wolves enclosure to photograph in their semi-natural habitat. There are couple of options, and both are supervised by professional photographer Monty Sloan. Personal note -- I saw with my own eyes that how tame and trained these wolves are, they liked to be petted, scratched, paid attention to by the keepers, and friends. So, I am looking forward to going back and photographing them from the inside the enclosure.

I am thinking that if you are a Purdue University football fan, go down to West Lafayette on Fri. and go to the wolf park to hear the wolves and coyote's howl @ 7:30 pm Friday night and go see the Boilermakers football game the next day. I can guarantee you it will be an exciting couple of days.

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