Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birdhouse elves would love to have

To kill two birds with one stone, well, not really but why not put up a unique and fun birdhouse in your yard to help little birds and enjoy them at the same time. I found Steve's shop at out local farmers market today. He does woodworking and makes birdhouses. This particular one caught my attention, he used the grain of the wood and carved in a way that the front of the birdhouse resembled a Santa Clause. I bet little birds will feel extra special to have a house like this. Oh, by the way, Steve used to be in construction and has a blog site check it out.


  1. Noriko, your blog is really getting good. Love it! Love these houses too. I must get down to your farmers market.

  2. Penny, you are so sweet, thank you it means a lot coming from you. Yes, you must come to DG's farmers market.